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Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Corrective Action Process

Udemy Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Corrective Action Process

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A Comprehensive Approach to Problem Solving

What you'll learn
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • The 8D Corrective Action Process
  • Quantitative tools such as Capability Analysis, Control Charts, MSA, Regression Analysis and more
  • Qualitative tools such as 5 Why, Concentration Diagrams, Cause and Effect Diagrams and more
  • Corrective action strategies including andon, shifting means, correlating process and product variables, poke yoke and much more
  • Control charts and their interpretation
  • Cross-functional team building
  • General knowledge of quality and manufacturing is helpful
  • General knowledge of Microsoft Excel
"Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Corrective Action Process" will show you:
  • How to assemble an effective problem definition.
  • The value of creating an cross-functional team.
  • How to develop interim containment solutions to shield your customer from receiving further defects.
  • The connection between an organization's traceability system and the RCA and 8D process.
  • How to use popular quality tools to find root cause such as pareto analysis, interviewing, the Ishikawa diagram, the concentration diagram, 5 Why analysis and much more.
  • How to use analytical tools such as capability analysis, regression analysis, measurement systems analysis, control charting and more to further clarify your root causes and develop potential corrective actions.
  • A sampling of corrective action strategies such as andon, shifting the process mean, correlating process to product variables, standardizing work instructions, poke yoke, automated inspection and much more.
  • How to verify your corrective activities for effectiveness.
  • How to develop parallel and preventive activities for maximize the impact of your problem solutions.
  • How to acknowledge your team's success.
"Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Corrective Action Process" not only relies on the "tried and true" methods developed by the quality gurus of old, but also draws upon decades of real life experience by providing dozens of actual examples from manufacturing and engineering.
If you need to take your problem solving skills and knowledge of quality engineering practices to the next level, this is the class for you!
Who this course is for:
  • Quality Engineers
  • Industrial Engineers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Quality Managers
  • Process Technicians
  • Manufacturing Managers
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