Salesforce Lightning web components with complete project

Udemy Salesforce Lightning web components with complete project

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Complete guide to learn salesforce lightning web component with series of codes and a complete real time project

What you'll learn
  • What is Lightning Web Component framework?
  • Lightning Web Component Development
  • LWC and Aura interoperability
  • Supported browsers, tools and experience for lightning web components
  • Set up development environment and CLI command to work with LWC
  • Setup Devhub and scratch org and Importance of it
  • LWC Folder and File Structure
  • Useful Javascript Properties in lightning component
  • Nested/Component composition
  • How to communicate between components using Events
  • PubSub mechanism to communicate events
  • ways of accessing salesforce resources in LWC
  • Lightning Data Services and Base components to get salesforce data in Lightning web Components
  • Use Wire services to access data in LWC
  • Various to Invoke APex from Lightning web component
  • Continuous call and API call from Lightning web component
  • Uses of Navigation services in lightning web component
  • Introduction SLDS and various resources
  • Component life cycle and event best practices
  • Mechanism to Debug your lightning web component
  • Use Jtest to test your Lightning Web components
  • Best ways to migrate Aura component to LWC
  • Many more live scenario and step by step way to code the LWC
  • Complete access to source code for practice

  • basic knowledge of salesforce, javascript
  • Basic understanding of Salesforce Apex and SOQL is preferred
  • More important to have interest to learn salesforce lightning web component

LWC is a new programming model with following web standards to develop salesforce lightning components and this is the only tutorial with maximum hour of video. Each session explained with many live coding to make your LWC concepts deep clear so that you can make your journey to be expert in LWC.
All code are also added in the tutorial for your reference and we are updating this with each new feature monthly wise.

This course is designed from basic to expertise level. if you are beginner , nothing to worry, its very easy and well organized course to make your learning simple and smooth. Also for expert, you can learn deep knowledge of LWC and add many more skills in your professional career with live real-time examples and scenarios with series of codes.

Who this course is for:
  • salesforce
  • Developer
  • Administrator
  • software professional
  • tester
  • Project Managers
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