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SAP PO: Custom Adapter Module Training with 8 Programs

Udemy SAP PO: Custom Adapter Module Training with 8 Programs

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Learn how to write your own Custom Adapter Module in J2EE Eclipse Tool with various scenarios covered.

What you'll learn
  • How to Properly Install JDK
  • Download, Install and Configure J2EE Eclipse Tool on your machine
  • How to work with Eclipse Tool
  • Write, Compile and Run Java Mapping using Eclipse Tool
  • Configure PO Server with Eclipse
  • Right way to Deploy Adapter Module from Eclipse to PO Server
  • Test Adapter Module End to End from Interface
  • 8 Adapter Module Program for commonly used Integration Scenario

  • Prior experience in SAP PO tool is required
  • Access to SAP PO Software
  • Little bit of Java Programming Knowledge Required
  • Windows machine with Java Installed
  • Internet to download J2EE Eclipse Software

  • You need to have access to SAP PO Tool.
  • Knowledge on SAP PO Tool is required.
  • Knowledge on Java is also required.
What you will learn in this Course?
If you are trying to learn how to use J2EE Eclipse software to write Adapter Module and also trying to learn how to develop module for your interface then this course is right for you.
If you are not sure exactly how it is created and need step by step course that shows every details on how to setup your system, what software to use, create Adapter Module, deploy and use it.
This course will teach you all the knowledge you need to write Adapter Module on your own.
Course Content:
  • JDK and Eclipse Tool Training:
    • What is difference between JDK and JRE?
    • Step by Step instruction on how to Properly install JDK Software.
    • Download the right version of J2EE Eclipse for Adapter Module Development.
    • J2EE Eclipse Tool Walkthru with Perspectives.
    • Step by Step Configuration Setup to run Adapter Module.
  • 8 Custom Adapter Module Programs
    • Program 1 - Write a Simple Test Adapter Module with Interface Testing.
    • Program 2 - Learn How to use Audit Logs with Adapter Module.
    • Program 3 - How to Read Dynamic Configuration with Adapter Module.
    • Program 4 - Learn to Write Dynamic Configuration and Test End to End.
    • Program 5 - Read Interface Data like Party, Service and Interface in Adapter Module.
    • Program 6 - Learn to Read Payload with Adapter Module.
    • Program 7 - How to Write Payload and Test End to End.
    • Program 8 - Read Adapter Module Parameters and Test it.
  • Interface Development
    • All the Adapter Module are deployed and Verified in the NWA
    • End to End Interface Configuration
    • Complete walkthru of Adapter Module Testing with Interface.
  • Hands-on
    • Download the Source Code
    • Download the Configuration files
    • Complete hand-on and practical videos to see the steps.
All the hands-on training is shown on the Live PO system so that you can do it yourself later.
Who this course is for:
  • If you want to learn how to write Adapter Module in SAP PO
  • Upgrade the PO skills with Adapter Module Knowledge
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