SDET/QA Automation Interview Kit + Java logic Programs

Udemy SDET/QA Automation Interview Kit + Java logic Programs

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What you'll learn
  • By end of this course, one should be able to attend any QA Automation Interviews with full confidence
  • Detailed Discussion on Selenium Web Driver Automation Interview Questions
  • Detailed Discussion on API Testing ( Manual + Automation) Interview Questions
  • Detailed Discussion on Test Automation Framework Interview questions for TestNG and Cucumber tools
  • Detailed Discussion on Software Testing Concepts and Real time Project Scenario based Questions
  • Special approach in explaining Java logical programs to improve Problem solving Coding skills
  • Revision on Core Java Miscellaneous Interview questions topics needed for SDET Automation Jobs
  • Resume tips on Do's and Dont's when building QA Automation Resumes

  • Basic knowledge on Software testing
  • Basic knowledge on QA Automation tools

Questions are carefully prepared after collecting samples from more than 200 SDET's working in various companies across the world.
4 Special Reasons why this course stand out Unique among others -
1. Coding Logical Problems is one area where every QA struggles to clear. I have taught these topics with special approach that one can gain the ability of problem solving and can implement any coding task given
2. There are Detailed Solutions for every QA question discussed with practical example so that one can answer the question with the full confidence
3. There are different versions of answers discussed where ever applicable so that Interviewer can feel the depth of knowledge you have on the Subject
4. For Every Quarter I would revise the Questions and see if they matches the current Automation/SDET Job requirement and Update the videos Accordingly and you always have Life time access to all Updates

We covered Commonly asked questions from all QA areas. Below is the List on high level coverage
Manual Testing,
Testing Process in Real time projects,
Selenium Web Automation,
Automation Framework Designs
Testing Standards with TestNG and Cucumber
API Testing (Manual + Automation) Interview Questions
Core Java Webdriver related topics
Programming logical questions
Java OOPS Miscelleanous Concepts
Non Functional Testing Topics
Resume Suggestions and Many more !!!!!!!!!

Wish you all the Best.

Who this course is for:
  • software testers
  • Software Engineer
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