ServerlessReact.Dev – Learn How To Build Fast Modern Webapps

ServerlessReact.Dev – Learn How To Build Fast Modern Webapps

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ServerlessReact.Dev is a video course that demonstrates how to create a modern web application from scratch to launch using an ultra-productive modern web stack. You will learn everything you need to become a full-featured full-stack front-end developer.

ServerlessReact.Dev is focused on practical examples and shows you the whole process. When you follow the impeccable lesson, you will learn how to create it. But your skills are not transferred. And when something goes wrong, you are stuck. With ServerlessReact.Dev, you get a behind-the-scenes look. I will show you how to debug problems, how to develop a solution, where to start and when to say enough.

Learn the pragmatic way to create modern applications.

We will start with some theory, study the stack, do some practical exercises to get a feel for the technology, and then create the whole application. From a list of functions to receiving payments.

What is in ServerlessReact.Dev

ServerlessReact.Dev embraces exciting new technologies that represent the future of web development. Stay ahead of this exciting new paradigm shift.

  • Learn how to create awesome, fast, static React apps with Gatsby
  • Learn How To Use GraphQL To Minimize API Requests
  • Using design systems to create beautiful applications without designers
  • Serverless technologies for adding functionality to the server
  • Store and manage data in a database
  • Billing integration
  • Authenticate users and track their accounts
  • JAMStack Deployment for Ready-to-Use Front End Code
  • Edge First Architecture for Front End Management Using React Hooks
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