Software Architecture and Design Essentials

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For Developers & Programmers who aspire to learn Software Design & love to Architect great Software Products

What you'll learn
  • Design Principles , Design Patterns with real world illustrations and code examples. Original Assignments and Quizzes for practice.
  • Create UML models step-by-step for different real-world scenarios . Create Design Diagrams (Structure and Behavior) required for software design.
  • Introduction to Architectural Styles covering the evolution from monolith to microservices and benefits of their usage .
  • Patterns for handling distributed transactions in microservices for complex scenarios.
  • Coding Principles and Techniques to write Clean Code.
  • Understand requirements in the perspective of a software designer /architect. Detailed analysis of Quality Attributes.
  • Identify architecturally significant requirements to make mindful design decisions.
  • Real world Case studies using a Retail Point of Sale application ; covered across the course.
  • Mindset techniques and build awareness of common mistakes and anti-patterns .
  • Create Design and Architecture for your software projects / products .

  • Basic Programming Experience
  • Entire course content and concepts are created in a language-agnostic style ; the code examples are mainly in C#.

****** The course is regularly updated with New Assignments - Quiz for each Section ; Please watch for the updates ***************
This course will take you on an elaborate journey from the inception of an Idea to the final Solution teaching every aspect of the software life cycle emphasizing on the significance of Architecture and Design .
One of the major activities performed by the development team is Requirement Analysis . This course clears every doubt that a tech guy has on his mind 'on what must be done during requirements phase '. Detailed lectures with illustrations , animations using real world examples provide the required depth of information covering the topics of Object Oriented Analysis .
Dedicated lectures on Non-Functional Requirements /Quality Attributes will provide you with so much detail that , every design you create hence forth will have you think about these attributes as top priorities. No more discussions or changes after production release.
You will learn a variety of architectural styles covering the Tenets of all major architecture styles that are prevalent in the industry.
This course also attempts to demystify some of the confusions that exist between the usage of terminology and/or the characteristics of the architectures with appropriate examples and illustrations .
You will learn Layered , Tiered Architecture styles, the tenets of SOA , core attributes of Microservices , overview of Containers and the latest Serverless Architecture styles . You will gain knowledge on all required architectural elements that constitute the respective style.
OOAD will no more be a tough concept after you go through the course ; this course enwraps all relevant concepts of the Object Oriented Paradigm , the Object Oriented Design Approach Guidelines and Principles . Visual Models that must be created and their benefits. All these with step-by-step modelling tutorial using real-world examples.
Everything is by Design : You will learn Design Patterns , SOLID principles , Distributed Transaction Patterns , Structure Diagrams , Behavior Diagrams for the real-world examples discussed during Requirement and Architecture discussions .
This will provide you with a wholistic picture of architectural analysis and design. You would have done an end-to-end solutioning when you go through each lecture one by one.
You will learn UML Modeling and together we will create design diagrams step-by-step.
We have embedded real world code examples for all sections as appropriate.

Who this course is for:
  • Students , Developers , Programmers , New Leads , Aspiring Architects
  • This course is for everyone who is passionate about software design.
  • This course is for everyone who loves to write clean code.
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