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Spoken English

Udemy Spoken English

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For Immigrants and Travelers

What you'll learn
  • Colloquial phrases
  • Slang
  • How to ask for things
  • How to understand the answers
  • How to speak fluently
  • How to sound like a native English speaker

  • It is important to repeat each sentence 3 times as clearly as possible

Would you like to improve your speaking skills because:
  • You have won a Green card and moving to the USA very soon?
  • You are going to study overseas and need to speak with the locals in English every day?
  • You travel on business to different countries to interact with business partners?
  • You like spending your vacations overseas and need to speak English on a daily basis?
  • You are establishing a relationship with an English- speaking person and need to communicate with them in English as much as possible?
This video course has been made for you to boost your confidence and speaking skills!
You will learn to use English slang, ask questions and answer them.
You will make a lot of friends with native English speakers who will be totally impressed by your AWESOME ENGLISH!
Yours respectfully,

Who this course is for:
  • Immigrants
  • travellers
  • international students
  • those who wish to be fluent in English
  • those who want to make friends with native English speakers
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