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Learn how to work with Apples new declarative framework and build beautiful and stylish apps fast, with much less code

What you'll learn
  • Students will be able to work with and build apps with SwiftUI and deploy them on all of Apple platforms

  • A working knowledge of Apple's Swift language is required

Welcome to the SwiftUI course
My name is Steve DeStefano, an iOS / macOS developer, and I created this course for anyone who wants to learn how to build beautiful apps with Apples new framework SwiftUI.
SwiftUI is Apples new Declarative building framework that actually might forever change the way apps are made.
Gone here are the familiar story boards, as well as auto layout, which was at times very frustrating to work with… this has all been replaced with intuitive new design tools within Xcode that make building interfaces with SwiftUI as easy as dragging and dropping, and using about 5 times less code then working with UIKit and storyboards.
SwiftUI is a declarative approach to building apps and it includes all of apples platforms… so build the app once, and deploy it on the other platforms very easily.
What is Declarative Programming?
Declarative Programming is a non-imperative style of programming in which we describe, or declare, the desired results without explicitly coding out the commands or steps that must be performed.
imperative programming is a style of programming that uses statements, in explicit steps to change a program's state…meaning, we would have to code the various components or views ourselves to make them show and hide...this is what we do with UIKit and storyboards
The key contrast between the two styles can be summed up with two words - WHAT and HOW -
Declarative programming focuses on what the program should accomplish, and imperative programming focuses on how the program should achieve the result.
This course will show you how to use this declarative approach and the SwiftUI features, and walk you through the process of building fun and stylish apps.
You will learn all about:
• Text views
• TextFields
• Images
• Modifiers
• State
• Object Binding
• Environment
• Lists
• Navigation
• Passing data back and forth
• Integrating SwiftUI with UIKit
• Stacks
• Animations
• Core Data
• CoreML
• SwiftUI and the Camera
• Shadows
• Shapes
• Gradients
• Forms
• Tab Bars
• Learn the Swift Language in the language section - here you can learn from the beginning on how to code in Swift with dozens of lectures that cover all you need to know to be proficient in writing code.
• Swift Language quizzes help you solidify your progress as you work through the language lectures
and much more…
So code along with me working with an incredibly cool and insane set of design tools - SwiftUI - and get a head-start on the future of app building. I'll see you inside.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner iOS / macOS / watchOS / tvOS developers through intermediate and advanced
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