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The Absolute Beginners 2020 Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3

Udemy The Absolute Beginners 2020 Guide to Cyber Security - Part 3

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What you'll learn
  • Apply the best practices to protect your mobile device against malware and hackers
  • Identify and configure the best applications for mobile security
  • Understand the major security differences between the Android and IOS operating systems
  • Learn how to safely download and work with mobile applications
  • How to backup your mobile phone
  • Understand mobile malware and how they can affect your mobile device
  • Very basic knowledge of cyber security
  • A mobile device
In a world where smartphones and other mobile devices generate over 52% of all internet traffic, the security of such mobile devices has never been more important.
Welcome to the complete 2019 cyber security guide for mobile devices. In this short but intensive course, you are going to learn practical skills and techniques to protect your mobile device against hackers and malware.
** Perfect for Android & IOS Users **
This course is designed for both android and IOS users. You will learn techniques and applications for both types of platforms that you can use to properly secure your mobile devices.
** App Safety **
The Google Play and Apple App stores combined have nearly 5 million apps available for download. Unfortunately a lot of these apps are also malicious programs pretending to be real applications. In this course you will learn how to identify the legit apps from the fake ones and prevent yourself from falling victim to malicious apps.
You will also learn the truth about app permissions and you can restrict the apps you have installed on your smart phone so they have access only to the necessary information that is required for them to function.
** Practical Skills **
This course is loaded with practical skills designed to help you secure your mobile device. You will learn
  • How to work with Malwarebytes - one of the best anti malware apps
  • How to backup your mobile device
  • How to install and configure a virtual private network on your mobile device
  • How to safely access free public Wifi networks
  • How to properly tweak and change the default security settings of your android device
  • and so much more
Enroll now and start learning how to protect your mobile devices against hackers and malware.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to learn about mobile cyber security
  • Students who want to learn how to protect their mobile devices against malware and hackers
  • Aspiring cyber security professionals
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