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How to set your Agile project up for success before it begins

What you'll learn
  • How to successfully set expectations around their Agile projects
  • How to set their Agile projects up for success before they begin
  • How to look like a pro when delivering their Agile project

  • Basic software project knowledge

Most projects get killed before they even get out of the starting blocks. This is mostly for two reasons:
• They fail to ask the right questions.
• They don’t have the courage to ask the tough ones.
The Agile Inception Deck is a powerful project management expectation setting tool that ensures you get the right people on the bus, headed in the right direction, long before the first line of code ever gets written.
How does it work?
Agile Project Management is great, but the one thing it is silent on is project chartering. It doesn't really give you any guidance on how to set your project up for success before you begin.
That’s why my colleagues at ThoughtWorks created the Agile Inception Deck. Ten exercises you would be crazy not to answer before the start of any Agile project.
  1. Why Are We Here?
  2. Create an Elevator Pitch
  3. Design a Product Box
  4. Create a NOT List
  5. Meet Your Neighbours
  6. Show Your Solution
  7. Ask What Keeps Us Up At Night
  8. Size It Up
  9. Be Clear n What's Going to Give
  10. Show What It's Going to Take
By asking these questions before your project begins you'll
  • set your project up for success
  • ask the toughest questions before your project begins
  • all while looking like a professional for taking six months to do it
This technique has been used on countless project around the world including: Microsoft, Spotify, The Gap, Stanford University, and many more
This course will save your project.
This course will boost your career.
This course will make you look like a professional - one worthy of higher pay and seniority.
Sign up today. Kickstart your career in Agile Project Management. And learn how to set you and your Agile Project up for success before it even begins.
Who am I?
My name is Jonathan Rasmusson. I am a Professional Agile Project Manager with over twenty years of Agile project delivery experience. I am the author of The Agile Samurai, a top ten selling book on Agile. And I have spent much of my career delivering Agile software projects, while teaching others along the way how to do it.
I am also the instructor for another top selling course here on Udemy: The Agile Samurai Boot Camp.
Who this course is for:
  • Project managers
  • Software project leaders
  • Anyone responsible for the successful delivery of an software project
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