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The Complete iOS 14 Developer - Create Apps in Swift 5

Udemy The Complete iOS 14 Developer - Create Apps in Swift 5

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Swift Coding Lessons in iOS 14 from a Pro Developer

What you'll learn
  • Get the fundamentals of iOS and Swift Development!
  • Understand programming from a veteran in the industry
  • All this prepares you for my other courses, and this one is free!

  • You will need a Mac running the latest macOS to create iOS apps
  • You can also create your own 'Hackintosh' if you can't afford a Mac

The Complete iOS 14 Developer has just ONE goal - to show how you can be the best iOS developer, even if you're starting from scratch!
Other Swift and iOS 14 courses COMPLETELY miss why you're learning to become a developer. How do I know this? Well I've taken their courses because I wanted to see what the competition is up to!
And what do these other guys miss?
Well they haven't thought about you and what your needs are! Let me tell you why I think you're here. I think it's because maybe you are looking for a way to improve yourself - either via high paying jobs, freelancing or by creating your very own successful startup.
I get that.
So whilst this course gives you the basic developer skills you need to get started, it also has more. It has my insight from decades of real world development experience, invaluable for your career progression.
Here's a recent message I received from one of my students:
" Hi Grant, I managed to land the fabled 6 figure developer job yesterday thanks to your course. In the interview they asked me complicated questions and luckily you'd explained the majority of those. Thanks for a great course and I'm off to buy the rest of your courses now that I have a little extra change :) "
Who Am I?
Everyone wants to know who's teaching them. Well, here's my bio:
I started out as NOT A PROGRAMMER. Hard to believe when I tell you that I've worked on dozens of the most popular apps out there right?
The fact that I didn't start out as a programmer means that I actually remember what it's like to be a beginner. I remember teachers throwing useless jargon at me and you know what?
It sucked!
That's why in this course I tell you everything you need to know in plain English!
In Silicon valley venture capitalists talk about return on investment a lot. A good return on investment is something like 10%.
Imagine if you could have a return of 10,000%?
Well that's what you get when you take this course. An investment of a few coffees returns your investment multiple times over!

You are your biggest asset. Invest in yourself and take this course today!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to programming or iOS programming should take this course
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