The Complete SQL Bootcamp for Beginner

Udemy The Complete SQL Bootcamp for Beginner

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Learn how to use SQL effectively to analyse data

What you'll learn
  • Types of database and database management systems
  • Understand SQL syntax and write queries
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete operations in database
  • Apply SQL to perform data analysis with a real-world example
  • Ace SQL Interviews with mock questions

  • No prior technical experience is required! All you need is a computer!

In this SQL Bootcamp course you'll learn
1. Understand Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)
  • What is database? What is relational database management system?
  • How to interact with relational database?
  • Why SQL?
2. Apple SQL to query database to answer your daily data-related questions
  • SQL Basic queries, such as SELECT FROM with WHERE clause etc.
  • SQL operators to filter results with constraints, such as LIKE/IN/BETWEEN operators
  • SQL Aggregate functions and More complex subqueries
3. Manage relational database to organise data and automate processes
  • CRUD operations in database: create, read, update, delete rows
  • Alter tables in database
  • Build table relationship using different join types
  • Union result sets
4. A Real-world Case Study, to understand how SQL can do data analysis
  • How to break down business questions into technical data questions?
  • How to do data wrangling using SQL?
  • How we get insights and drive business decisions with SQL
5. Be Comfortable in SQL technical interviews
  • Mock interview questions on basic SQL knowledge
  • Mock interview questions with real examples
After the course, you should be able to take full command of SQL.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in learning more about SQL
  • Anyone preparing for SQL technical interviews
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