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The Rhythm & Melody of American English - Part 1

Udemy The Rhythm & Melody of American English - Part 1

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An In-Depth Look at Word & Sentence Stress, Contractions & Reductions

What you'll learn
  • Student will speak more understandable English after having mastered the correct use of word and sentence stress, contractions and reductions.

  • A high intermediate to advanced level of English. Must be proficient at reading, writing, understanding and speaking English to be successful in this course.

This class is the first in a two-part series on American English intonation. Intonation includes the rhythmic and melodic aspects of language such as correctly stressing syllables and words, reducing and connecting words, grouping words, pausing in the correct places and using appropriate pitch. The series is designed to help the high-intermediate to advanced English speaker master the key elements for speaking clear, understandable English. The courses focus on the musical and rhythmic aspects of pronunciation, which are the most important aspects of intelligible English speech. This course includes a free 50+ page workbook, is interactive and requires active participation. Part 1 covers the topics of word stress and sentence stress, contractions and reductions. Part 2 includes linking, thought groups and pausing, non-verbal communication and pitch.
Who this course is for:
  • Advanced non-native English speakers who are proficient in the language, but have difficulty being understood when speaking.
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