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Learn to create and implement a continuous-improvement management system and SHINE in your role of Supervisor or Manager

What you'll learn
  • Manage your area better than you ever imagined doing before!
  • Create a continuous-improvement management control system
  • Capitalize on the best practices you will soon be able to identify
  • Develop management tools tailored to any company / functional area
  • Communicate powerfully using the language of performance metrics
  • Visualize operations in terms everybody can understand
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of a business unit
  • Architect impactful data collecting / reporting systems
  • Express the effectiveness of a business unit with numbers

  • No materials or software are required for this course, however I will be showing you how to create several key tools in Excel and Word. Thus, while not required / necessary, having MS Office or similar software will be useful to you.

Learn straight from a management consultant and turnaround artist how to create and implement a management control system for any area of any business in any industry and then to manage that area making it leaner, faster and better all the while highlighting your success for the world to see.
We all want to grow in our management careers. The Manager who sits in his/her chair the longest with the most paper on the desk is rarely the one promoted. It's usually the one who takes whatever and whomever is given and makes it BETTER! The one who succeeds where everybody else fails is the manager on the career fast track.
If your successes are invisible, then they might as well not exist. So we'll be creating from scratch a management control system that will measure the performance of your area, show it change and improve over time, document your actions, and turn into not only a management tool, but also a biography of YOUR VALUE to the company.
Your next performance review doesn't have to consist of your boss telling you what (s)he thinks about you and making sorry excuses as to why you aren't getting much of a raise. It can be a tour de force of you walking in and laying hard, empirical evidence of your contributions on the table and illustrating in indisputable terms (i.e. dollar values) why YOU ARE the company's superstar!
Who this course is for:
  • This course IS the "missing manual" for anybody who is responsible for the work of others. If you are a Supervisor or a Manager (or similar) and want to absolutely skyrocket your career in management, I will teach you how to create and implement a system which drives continuous, meaningful improvements in the operations under you, and illustrates that success in a way that it will be visible to all. The focus of this course is the hands-on application of operations management. As such, if you are not a Supervisor or Manager, you may not be ready for this course.
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