The Three-Stage Confirmation FOREX TRADING STRATEGY - Part 2

Udemy The Three-Stage Confirmation FOREX TRADING STRATEGY - Part 2

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A Complete Forex Trading Strategy to Learn & Trade Forex with a Professional Trader's Mindset | LIVE Trades (+1000 PIPS)

What you'll learn
  • A Powerful Forex Trading Strategy to trade Forex with a Professional Trader's Mindset.
  • A Fully Explained Trade Management Plan to manage Risk-to-Reward ratio for long-term returns using Live Trades.
  • Learn how to position yourself with the winners in Forex Industry by emulating their trading approach for long-term success.
  • The confidence to Enter a Trade while market is at trend initiation phase to capture the major price moves on any Forex Pair.
  • Learn to trade through powerful trend confirmation in the Form of Price Action and Volumes when combined with Elliott Wave Analysis
  • Learn Nine Major Price Action reversal patterns to always think a step ahead of other Retail Traders.
  • Learn to prepare yourself for the next big move on Daily and 4-Hour time frames as a retail trader by studying the LIVE trades.
  • Learn how to manage a FX Portfolio like me as I show you my live trades running at more than 1000 PIPS in Profit.

  • The Complete understanding of part 1 of the Three-Stage Confirmation Forex Trading Strategy
  • Above all, A strong will to learn and succeed in Forex Trading Industry.

Welcome to The Complete Three-Stage Confirmation Forex Trading Strategy part 2. I am very excited to see you here and I’m confident that you are equally excited too.
I guarantee you that this is THE most thorough and honest course on Forex Markets available anywhere on the market. I say this with complete confidence because the Forex Trading Strategy taught in this course is a result of my deep research into the markets and uses Indicators that have stood the test of the times.
While Part 1 in itself offered a very strong trading strategy based entirely on ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYSIS, but once combined with VOLUMES & PRICE ACTION, The Three-Stage Confirmation Forex Trading Strategy will reap the trading rewards you always wished for.
In the introductory section( or section 1), I explain the complete outline of the part 2 course and explain how each section is designed carefully so that you advance forward in a systematic manner.

*Sections 2 introduces the second Leading Indicator in the Strategy: PRICE ACTION as I explain

  • How does Price Action reveal the story behind buying and selling in the Markets?
  • With the help of nine major Price Action Patterns, I explain how you can take advantage of the price reversal signals in real-time?
  • How each of these Price Action Patterns also presents opportunities to add to your existing trades to accumulate large profits on one single trade?
*Moving on, in section 3, we dig deep into the third and final Leading Technical Indicator: VOLUMES as you study:
  • How Volumes are completely relevant to present Forex markets?
  • How to use Volumes to track the trading activity of Professional Traders at any given time.
  • How to validate a price move and detect Price Anomalies with Volume Analysis.
  • How the key guiding principles of Volumes assist Retail Traders in making smart trading decisions while using candlestick charts?
  • How Price Action analysis become considerably more powerful when combined with Volumes in Forex markets?
*Finally, In Section 4 and 5, I complete the picture by developing THE THREE-STAGE CONFIRMATION FOREX TRADING STRATEGY by combining ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYSIS, VOLUMES, AND PRICE ACTION.
  • A Complete Forex Trading Strategy to trade Forex with a Professional Mindset.
  • A fully explained Trade Management Plan including different Trade Entries and Exits, Managing your risk through Stop-Loss levels and Position Size.
  • Multiple Live Trade Examples and Analysis of Forex pairs (i.e. EURCAD, EURGBP, NZDJPY, GBPNZD, GBPCAD, CADJPY, GBPCHF, EURNZD and EURAUD using the Three-Stage Confirmation Forex Trading Strategy running over +1000 PIPS collectively.
  • As a bonus, I have included Complete Elliott Wave Analysis Excel Sheets of all pairs included in Live Trade Analysis in Section 5.
Now that you have gone through the Complete Description of the Course, I am very confident that my course has your attention straight away as I cannot wait to see you on inside.
Happy Trading!

Who this course is for:
  • Complete beginners who are looking to enter Forex Trading Industry.
  • Existing traders who have struggled to understand the changing dynamics of Forex markets.
  • Anyone who wants to learn the trading mindset of professional traders or market makers in Forex industry
  • Anyone who wants to be ahead of the markets and position yourself in advance towards the next big move in markets.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to trade by correctly speculating the changes in underlying market sentiment.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to trade using the honest and truest form of Advanced Technical and Sentiment Analysis.
  • Finally, anyone looking for a PROOF that Forex trading can actually make you money using the right approach and trading mindset.
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