Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless with LABS

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Learn how to set up Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless network and be ready for the Ubiquiti UEWA exam

What you'll learn
  • Understand what is Ubiquiti UEWA certificate
  • Understand what is the outline of the UEWA course
  • Know what equipment are required to follow this course
  • Understand what is the meaning of Frequency
  • Understand what is the meaning of Wavelength
  • Have a global idea about RF Fundamentals and difference between Low and high frequencies
  • Understand the 802.11 service sets: SSID, BSS, BSSIS, BSA, ESS
  • Understand the difference between management and data frames (Beacon, Probing, Authentication, Association, Data)
  • Understand the Free Space Path Loss (FSPL)
  • Understand how the RF signal is attenuated when passing through materials
  • Understand the 2.4 GHz spectrum and its non-overlapping channels
  • Understand the difference between co-interference and adjacent interference
  • Understand the 5 GHz frequencies and the frequency bonding
  • Understand the IEEE 802.11 standards
  • Understand what is noise floor
  • Understand what SNR is and its relation to the noise floor and the Wireless signal
  • Understand what is Guard interval and its relation to the inter-symbol interference
  • Understand the difference between Zero Hand-off Roaming and Fast Roaming (802.11r)
  • Understand how CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA work
  • Understand the hidden nodes problem on wireless
  • Understand how RTS/CTS solve the hidden node problem
  • Understand the collision at the client side
  • Know what are the different UniFi AP's available
  • Know what is UniFi Cloud Key (UCK) and UniFi Security Gateway (USG) router
  • Configure the Router and the Switch behind the UniFi AP
  • Know what is the usage of the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool
  • Setting up the controller on UCK and adopt the UniFi AP to it
  • Understand how to adopt a UniFi AP to the controller
  • Configuring the wireless AP to provide internet via wireless
  • Configure the router, the switch and the AP's with VLANs for Employees and guests
  • Know how to adopt the UniFi Security Gateway to the controller
  • Understand and configure Firewal rules on the USG router
  • Understand and configure DPI restriction on the USG router
  • Know how to enable the advanced feature on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Airtime fairness and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Band Steering and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand what is Wireless uplink and how to enable it on the UniFi AP
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with a single password
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with Facebook Wi-Fi check in
  • Understand the usage of the MAP on the controller to design a good Wireless network coverage
  • Understand how to configure Guest portal with Hotspot and vouchers
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