Ultimate Beginners Cartooning Course pt 1 : Characters

Udemy Ultimate Beginners Cartooning Course pt 1 : Characters

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A complete beginners guide to creating cartoon style characters for comics , books, games and illustration

What you'll learn
  • How to create cartoon characters from start to finish
  • A step by step workflow that will produce results
  • The ability to draw with confidence
  • The confidence to take on new artistic challenges

  • Pencil and Paper or Digital Tools
  • A strong desire to Create
  • If you can write your name I can teach you how to Draw (Seriously)

SO you want to draw cartoon characters but dont know where to begin?
Drawing can be frustrating without the right instruction. Trying to piece together an art career on your own can be tough. Why? Because there is no context or feedback to guide you.
Drawing is a Process
Drawing can be taught and you can learn it. Using a step-by-step approach you can learn how to draw. There is no reason why you cannot learn to draw cartoon characters. Let me show you how.
This is not one of those "Watch me draw while you learn nothing" sessions.
You will Learn

  • Basic shapes and lines that create cartoon characters
  • 3D shapes that will take your cartoons to the next level
  • How to Draw subjects like hands feet hair and clothing
  • Inking and coloring your characters
  • How to pose and add facial expressions
  • And so much more
Cartoon characters are one of the most popular styles in art. They are used in
  • Comic books and comic strips
  • Video games
  • animation
  • logos and branding
  • Films
  • Television
  • Children's books
  • 2D Mobile Games
I have taught over 35,000 students , adult learners and others just like you how to draw.
And I want to teach you to start creating your own cartoon characters. So if you are ready to learn enroll now and start CREATING!!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with a desire to create cartoon characters
  • Artists and non artists
  • Graphic designers , game creators, aspiring artists,
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