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Learn elite, exclusive influence techniques from 5 years of experience with exclusive million-dollar CEO deals and more.

What you'll learn
  • How to sell anything to anyone
  • How to use powerful influence weapons to make the other side receptive
  • How to be more likeable and establish better rapport and empathy
  • How to address common problems in selling/influencing
  • How to increase the other person's receptiveness
  • How to use elite, proven psychological techniques for influence and persuasion
Learn 56 state-of-the-art elite influence and persuasion techniques from my 5 years of influence and performance coaching for top executives in all different types of sales situations. I'm a 2x MIT-backed entrepreneur turned executive coach who has worked with (and made better negotiators of) different profiles, and this is course is for you if you're one of these.
Who This Course is For
- Top CEOs trying to close enterprise sales;
- Top executives trying to "sell" initiatives to executives and board members;
- Top real estate agents trying to close buyers of million-dollar properties;
- Politicians trying to sell initiatives as consensus;
- Billion-dollar AuM hedge fund managers trying to raise capital from allocators;
- All other sorts of influence and persuasion situations (e.g. a client trying to "sell" his dream vacation to his wife!);
This course is going to help you optimize your influence capability throughout all the five stages of influence:
- Pre-Framing (establishing your positioning, reputation and authority before the person even comes to you);
- Priming (qualifying and filtering your targets so they become more influenceable);
- Contact (truly connecting and understanding the other side);
- Disarmament (provoking, weakening an destroying objections the other side may have);
- Constriction (providing final incentives to close the person);
Throughout this process, I've compiled a framework with my most elite persuasion and influence techniques to use for sales, and I'll share all of them with you on this course. Besides just pure influence and technique, there are multiple bonuses included to help consolidate these influence lessons.
These techniques use similar psychological principles leveraged by persuasion scientists and master salesmen. You will see many techniques similar to Robert Cialdini's, Chris Voss's and/or Grant Cardone's, for example, but these will be the deeper, more general psychological persuasion elements (don't be scared by the "general" - we will apply them and explore very specific applications of these). Field-tested and proven in the most extreme situations.

Not only will you know about each one of the 56 techniques presented, I will walk you through specific applications of these, and even how to counternegotiate when others use them against you.
What This Course IS
- An advanced, deep compendium of elite influence techniques that can be applied in multiple contexts, explained in-depth and with examples;
- An encapsulated, flexible reference course. Although the techniques gel well together and make up a bigger picture, you can watch any module - or even any specific technique - without knowledge of the others, and it will stand on its own. You can consider it a buffet of techniques. You can go through the whole thing start to finish, or pick and choose here and there. It's all up to you.
What This Course IS NOT
- A technical sales course. I will NOT tell you about pipelines, prospecting, drawing contracts or others. This course is about person-to-person persuasion principles. Sure, applied in technical situations, but still about the persuasion principles themselves;
- IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: There are multiple influence course for different verticals. Make sure that you purchase the right one for your specific vertical! If necessary, to to my profile and make sure that you are selecting the most correct course;
- Make sure to make use of the "preview" feature to watch a couple of videos and tell if this is really what you're looking for;
- Instead of being persuaded by how I'm selling the course, ask yourself what your influence goals are, and only then check if this course really is what you want or not (although you always have the possibility of a refund under Udemy's terms, I don't want you to waste your money on something that won't be a fit - it's just by principle);
Do you want to up your influence and persuasion skills? Does this seem like a good course to assist you? I'd be delighted to have you. Let's meet on the inside.
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone in a situation where they must influence anyone else
  • Salespeople looking to close more deals
  • Talent managers asking their reports to perform tasks
  • Workers wanting to influence their managers to get a raise of promotion
  • Senior executives and rainmakers looking to close more deals
  • Politicians looking to close campaign contributions
  • Hedge fund and asset managers looking to close allocators
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