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Vue 3 and Laravel: Admin App, Vuex, Typescript, Docker

Udemy Vue 3 and Laravel: Admin App, Vuex, Typescript, Docker

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Vue 3, Laravel 7, Docker, Vuex, Typescript, Open API(Swagger), c3.js, User Authorisation, Exporting CSV,Laravel Passport

What you'll learn
  • Use Docker
  • Laravel Passport
  • Use Vue 3 with Typescript
  • Dispatch events with Vuex
  • Use Composition API
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Upload Images
  • Export CSV files
  • Open Api (Swagger) Documentation

  • Basic Javascript knowledge
  • Basic PHP knowledge

Learn how to create an Admin App using Vue and Laravel.
In Laravel you will learn:
  • How to create Api's with Laravel
  • Authenticate using Laravel Passport
  • Authorization using Laravel Gates
  • Laravel API Resources
  • Install and use Docker
  • Upload Images
  • Export CSV's
  • Use Open API(Swagger) Documentation
In Vue you will learn:
  • Use Vue with Typescript
  • Use Vuex
  • How to use Composition API
  • Create classes, interfaces
  • Create public and private routes
  • Restrict routes for unauthorized users
  • Upload Images
  • Export CSV's
  • Build a chart with c3.js (part of d3.js)
If these are what you are looking for then this course is for you.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner PHP Developers
  • Beginner Javascript Developers
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