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Learn how to use analytics to translate HR data into financial impact. Johnson & Johnson alumni & 15+ yrs of experience

What you'll learn
  • High-level briefing focusing on case studies and examples to help HR jumpstart Workforce Analytics journey
  • Understand the basic foundation and benefits of Workforce Analytics
  • How to create a winning business case for HR
  • How to speak the language of business and get funding for your next project
  • Foundation to measure, track and analyze the impact of various workforce intervention decisions

  • Be comfortable with numbers
  • Basic Excel knowledge
  • Basic Statistics knowledge would be a plus!

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More about this Course
This workshop provides attendees with the foundation knowledge, examples, and tools they need to successfully jumpstart the Workforce Analytics journey in any industry.
Training is facilitated by Jeff Higgins, a recognized expert in Workforce Analytics and Workforce Planning across multiple industries from small to large corporations. This course is designed for HR practitioners.
What We'll Cover:
  • The needs and business case for Workforce Analytics and Planning
  • Top project killers for Workforce Analytics and Planning projects
  • Steps and key milestones in the journey to Workforce Analytics and Planning excellence
  • Foundational knowledge to measure, track and analyze the impact of various workforce intervention decisions
  • Real-life examples and case studies for Workforce Analytics success
What This Course is NOT about:
  • How to use R and Python in talent management
  • How to build machine learning program or statistical model
  • How to set up SQL database or connect data from various sources
What Our Students Are Saying
Since 2009, HCMI’s expert training has helped hundreds of organizations strengthen their in-house workforce analytics & planning capability, including many Global 2,000 companies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and major government entities around the world.
"I don’t believe in testimonials, however this workshop more than lives up to the expectations. It was very well presented and answered many questions and created more–which is exactly what I needed on our journey in HR metrics." ~ Director Human Resources, Washington Health System
"This course is a ‘must’ for HR professionals. The ability to ‘manage by fact’ is a key competency, not only for business units, but also for HR practitioners." ~ Senior Vice President, HR at OCBC
"The Workforce Analytics Training workshop conducted by the Human Capital Management Institute provided a vast amount of information on various HR metrics. The numerous case studies they discussed during the workshop clearly demonstrated how the metrics can be used in organizations to provide valuable data for making business decisions. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of the utilization of HR metrics." ~ Edison Mission Energy
"The excellent service your company has provided me through your assistance and feedback has given me, as a consumer, more reasons to conduct future purchases from you." ~ Fadi Radi, Napcogroup
"A practical easy to follow training session on workforce analytics. I will recommend this to anyone wishing to make smarter insightful human capital decisions." ~ Head of HR, World Bank Group
"Of all the workshops I’ve attended, this resonated continuously." ~ EDS, a Hewlett-Packard Company
"Very good training ground for HR professional who wanted to drive workforce analytics in the organization." ~Vice President, ASTRO
"Excellent materials that were very well presented." ~ ConocoPhillips Inc.

Course Agenda
Section 0: Course Introduction & Agenda
Section 1: The Business Imperatives for Workforce Analytics and Planning
  • Setting the stage: value creation in today’s marketplace
  • Workforce Analytics: definition and evolution of analytics
  • The challenges in measuring human capital
  • Identifying key workforce questions
  • Building a business case for Workforce Analytics
  • Exercise: Pick key human capital questions
  • Optional links and reading materials
Section 2: Introduction to Analytics & Case Study Examples
  • The art and science of Workforce Analytics
  • Case study: Starbucks workforce engagement strategy
  • The AACEE maturity model
  • Building the foundation for data-driven decision making
  • Workforce Analytics foundation & value creation examples
  • The power of combining data sources
  • Exercise: Self assessment
  • Exercise: Recruiting source analysis
  • Additional links and reading materials
Section 3: Metrics: Good, Important, and Critical Metrics
  • Key Metrics & KPI Selection Methodology
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Example - Metrics and KPIs in Recruiting Process
  • Case Study - SE Asia Property’s Scorecard
  • Application of Balanced Scorecards in HR
  • Exercise: Building Scorecard and Business Case
  • Additional Links and Reading Materials
Section 4: Workforce Analytics Review & Next Steps

About Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI)
HCMI's mission is to fundamentally change how workforce decisions are made by linking people investments to business outcomes through advanced analytics and dynamic visualization. Nearly a decade ago we pioneered the rigorous financial measurement of Human Capital ROI with the Human Capital Financial Statement (HCF$™ ), a strategic tool for senior leaders to optimize workforce decisions regarding capability, capacity, cost, and performance.
In 2016, having developed sophisticated workforce analytics tools for 100's of consulting projects across the globe, we pioneered SOLVE™ Workforce Intelligence Software, the first workforce analytics software that links workforce investments to business outcomes. And in 2018, we create the HCMI Online Academy to provide on-demand global access to our world-class workforce analytics and workforce training curriculum.
Today, HCMI and SOLVE™ remain industry leaders. With our headquarters in the thriving technology hub of L.A.'s Silicon Beach and a presence 3 continents, we continue to innovate our technology and services to provide organizations with the actionable intelligence to maximize the return on their workforce investments.
Helping analysts, HR professionals and business leaders develop their Workforce Analytics and Planning capability since 2009.

Who this course is for:
  • HR professional who's interested in using data to determine where to cut, where to invest and whom to invest
  • Beginner data scientist who's interest in maximize the return on HR's human capital investments
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