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The Best Man Blueprint is a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to Write, Practise & Present a Best Man Speech.


Do you need to write a Best Man Speech?

This course is perfect for you if you're thinking:

  • I don't have the time to write and practise my speech
  • I don't know how to write a Best Man speech
  • I can't think of any good ideas to put in my speech
  • I'm worried about being unprepared and embarrassing myself
Don't worry! In this course, you will be walked through, step-by-step, how to quickly and easily create the perfect Best Man Speech.
In this course, you'll receive a lot of very high-quality and high-value information. It’s important that you focus on learning and then taking action.
This course concentrates only on what’s most important, so you don’t get overwhelmed or stopped. You will get your Best Man Speech done, fast.

The Best Man Blueprint is organized into 10 quick and powerful coaching sessions and exercises which are organized into three sections:
  1. Writing Your Best Man Speech
  2. Practicing Your Best Man Speech
  3. Delivering Your Best Man Speech
Each session includes video tutorials, summaries and exercises. You can watch the videos on your phone or computer and download the summaries and exercises as PDFs.

Here's what other guys have to say:

Don A. - "You'll get it done so much faster than you would on your own"
Robin V. - "The Best Man Blueprint was perfect. I just followed the steps and I had my Best Man Speech finished in no time.
Mike W. - "It honestly made writing my speech so simple"
Sean S. - "It took what I thought was going to be a day or two of writing and cut it down to less than an hour. Totally worth it"
Zack V. - "It just takes off the anxiety so much, everything just flowed so nicely."

Who this course is for:​

  • A Best Man who needs to write a Best Man Speech
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