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  1. V

    Expired Python for Data Science with Assignments

    Course Title:- Python for Data Science with AssignmentsExpiry Time/Date:- 22/02/2024Course Link (Attach With Coupon):-
  2. zennn

    Nick Singh - Ace the Data Job Hunt

    Hi, I'm Nick. Let's Work Together!I've held a variety of Software & Data roles at Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and SafeGraph, but these days I'm spending 100% of my time helping the data community land the jobs they deserve.I wrote the #1 Amazon Best-Seller Ace the Data Science Interview...
  3. rvins200

    Expired Master Data Science Prerequisites - Numpy - Pandas- Seaborn

    Course Title:- Master Data Science Prerequisites - Numpy - Pandas- SeabornExpiry Time/Date:- 00:00 IST / 20-04-23Course Link (Attach With Coupon):-
  4. rvins200

    Expired Data Science and Machine Learning Basic to Advanced

    Course Title:-Data Science and Machine Learning Basic to AdvancedExpiry Time/Date:- 09/11/2022Course Link (Attach With Coupon):-
  5. rvins200

    Expired Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2022

    Course Title:- Complete Python Challenges, Python MCQ& Python Recap in 2022Expiry Time/Date:- 09/11/2022Course Link (Attach With Coupon):-
  6. rvins200

    Expired Python Data Course: Python for Data Analysis & Visualization

    Course Title:- Python Data Course: Python for Data Analysis & VisualizationExpiry Time/Date:- 09/11/2022Course Link (Attach With Coupon):
  7. dead_guy

    iNeuron - AiOps Interview Questions

    Artificial Intelligence Operations is the most in-demand technical skill (AIOps). It facilitates the use of DevOps techniques in the creation of AI products. This course will cover a variety of approaches to implementing AIOps methodology in machine learning and deep learning projects, including...
  8. B

    PadhAI - Foundations of Data Science Size - 16.98 GB Is this the right data science course for me? If you are familiar with programming (in any language) and comfortable with mathematics at 12th standard (high school) level, then you should be able to follow along with...
  9. mrslime

    [EBOOK] Beginning Data Science in R 4 By Thomas Mailund

    Discover best practices for data analysis and software development in R and start on the path to becoming a fully-fledged data scientist. Updated for the R 4.0 release, this book teaches you techniques for both data manipulation and visualization and shows you the best way for developing new...
  10. dikk

    Manning - Machine learning bookcamp (2021)

    Time to flex your machine learning muscles! Video edition of the same titled book. Take on the carefully designed challenges of the Machine Learning Bookcamp and master essential ML techniques through practical application.[ compressed version includes book pdf as well, total ~ 260mb ]In...
  11. dikk

    Manning - Data science bookcamp (2021)

    Learn data science with Python by building five real-world projects! Video edition of the same titled book. Experiment with card game predictions, tracking disease outbreaks, and more, as you build a flexible and intuitive understanding of data science.[ compressed version, also includes book...
  12. dikk

    Manning - Pandas in Action 2022 video edition

    This is the video edition of the same titled book. It is the book, just read out aloud with code examples shown on screen. See github link as well. I compressed it so it is only around 220mb and not 2+gb. Use decryption key in the end to download.In Pandas in Action you will learn how to...
  13. resdox

    365DataScience - Introduction to Data and Data Science

    Introduction to Data and Data Science Introducing you to the field of data science and building your understanding of the key data science terms and processes.with Martin Ganchev and Iliya Valchanov
  14. dikk

    ZeroToMastery - Excel bootcamp [compressed]

    The only bootcamp you need to become an Excel wizard. Learn Excel Formulas and Functions, Data Visualization, Pivot Tables, VBA Macros, and much more. Start or supplement your career with data analysis and modeling skills & get hired in 2022.Compressed version, only around 750mb, complete as...
  15. rishu2022

    [RealPython] - Path - Data Visualization With Python

    Data Visualization With Python Learning Path ⋅ Skills: NumPy, Matplotlib, Bokeh, Seaborn, pandasIn this learning path, you’ll see how you can use Python to turn your data into clear and useful visualizations so that you can share your findings more effectively. Learning Path ⋅ 6 Resources...
  16. rishu2022

    [RealPython] - Path - Data Collection & Storage

    Data Collection & Storage Learning Path ⋅ Skills: Data Science, DatabasesKnowing how to collect and store data is an important part of any data scientist’s tool belt! You’ll go beyond toy data sets and learn how you can use Python to handle the data you can find in the real world.
  17. rishu2022

    [RealPython] - Path - Pandas for Data Science

    In this learning path, you’ll get started with Pandas and get to know the ins and outs of how you can use it to analyze data with Python.Pandas is a game-changer for data science and analytics, particularly if you came to Python because you were searching for something more powerful than Excel...
  18. rishu2022

    [RealPython] - Learning Path - Data Science With Python Core Skills

    Data Science With Python Core Skills Skills: Pandas, NumPy, Data Cleaning, Data VisualizationIn this learning path you’ll cover a range of core skills that any Python data scientist worth their salt should know.
  19. rishu2022

    Data Engineer 2021 - Roadmap

    Source: datastacktv:-
  20. S

    Why not so much courses of Data Analysis ?

    Please help me to get good courses for Data analysis here most of the courses is about only Web Dev