1. tourist

    [Ebook] The UI Audit (Advanced)

    Gain Control of UI/UX Issues in Your Web App Losing customers because of UI/UX issues, but your vision is too blurry to identify them? This concise, no-fluff manual will teach you how to audit and optimize your web application for maximum clarity, customer satisfaction, and business success...
  2. zennn

    [eBook] Ace the Data Science Interview

    Authored by two Ex-Facebook employees, Ace the Data Science Interview is the best way to prepare for Data Science, Data Analyst, and Machine Learning interviews, so that you can land your dream job at FAANG, tech startups, or Wall Street.What's inside this 301 page book?201 real Data Science...
  3. zennn

    [eBook] Cloud Native Microservices With Kubernetes [Aymen El Amri, 2023]

    About the Book TL;DR: In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the intricacies of microservices, high-availability strategies, CI/CD, GitOps, and observability in a Cloud Native world.We will employ a wide array of tools, including:Docker, Kubernetes, minikube, Rancher, Terraform...
  4. zennn

    [eBook] Engineers' Survival Guide [Merih Taze, 2021]

    - Authored by Merih Taze, Senior Software Engineering Lead at Facebook (Previously Microsoft and Snapchat)There are a lot of amazing technical books out there. But what about your life as an engineer? How you interact with others? How happy are you with your career?Are you tired of the need...
  5. tahsin008

    [EBook] Ash Allen - Battle Ready Laravel

    Battle Ready Laravel By Ash AllenIt wasn’t long into my career as a web developer that I began to realize the importance of doing things the ‘right’ way…Aside from being a natural perfectionist and always wanting to produce the best possible end product, I soon understood short-cut...
  6. gugelber

    [Ebook] C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals

    C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals: Start building websites and services with ASP.NET Core 7, Blazor, and EF Core 7, 7th Edition An accessible guide for beginner-to-intermediate programmers to concepts, real-world applications, and latest features of C# 11 and .NET...
  7. P

    [EBook] 50 Shades of JavaScript

    What's in the bookBasicsStrict equality Comma operator Spread operator Destructing Optional chaining By reference or by value Reducing Async/await (preview) Iterable protocol Generators Browser APIs Printing JSON Object.assign Capture groups Tagged template literal (preview) Media query list...
  8. mrslime

    [EBOOK] Flutter in Action by Eric Windmill

    In 2017, consumers downloaded 178 billion apps, and analysts predict growth to 258 billion by 2022. Mobile customers are demanding more—and better—apps, and it’s up to developers like you to write them! Flutter, a revolutionary new cross-platform software development kit created by Google, makes...
  9. mafizholk

    [Ebook] Greg Sidelnikov - JavaScript Grammar

    This classic edition of JavaScript Grammar is an essential guide to JavaScript language features for Front-End developers.
  10. mafizholk

    [Ebook] Greg Sidelnikov - CSS Visual Dictionary

    This edition of CSS Visual Dictionary is a complete guide to all CSS properties in common use for visual speed-learners. Each property is explained using color-coded diagrams, including box model, flex, grid, animations and more.
  11. mafizholk

    [Ebooks] Educative.io - Mastering Concurrency in Go

    Mastering concurrency can make you a much more in-demand developer on the job market. It's becoming an increasingly important concept in modern programming as multi-core devices become more and more prevalent.The good news is that Go has some outstanding support for concurrency out of the box...
  12. mafizholk

    [Ebooks] Educative.io - Software Design Patterns: Best Practices for Software Developers

    Being good at problem-solving is one thing but to take your career to the next level, one must know how complex software projects are architected. Software design patterns provide templates and tricks used to design and solve recurring software problems and tasks. Applying time-tested patterns...
  13. mafizholk

    [Ebooks] Educative.io - Grokking Data Science

    Master the skills that can get you a $100K+ salary even if you bunked your statistics classes.No need to waste hours and hours on browsing from one article to the next and piecing together the info you need to grasp important topics. No need to get overwhelmed by the information overload. Find...
  14. mafizholk

    [Ebooks] Educative.io - Learn Rust from Scratch

    Course Overview The word is out: developers love Rust. It's quickly becoming one of the most popular languages among systems and embedded programmers, and the demand for Rust developers is growing considerably. It's a very powerful language in terms of performance, reliability, and productivity...
  15. U

    [Ebook] Brent Roose - Front Line PHP Building modern applications with PHP 8

    PHP has changed the world. More than 5 million developers are now using this language worldwide to create a variety of applications. But the world is changing PHP as well. Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of the language, once noted that a good solution should steal/borrow existing technology. And...
  16. localhost

    [eBOOK] [Manning] - Real-World Cryptography

    An all-practical guide to the cryptography behind common tools and protocols that will help you make excellent security choices for your systems and applications.In Real-World Cryptography, you will find:Best practices for using cryptography Diagrams and explanations of cryptographic...
  17. rishu2022

    [eBook] [RealPython] Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3

    Make the Leap From Beginner to Intermediate in Python…Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3Your Complete Python Curriculum— With Exercises, Interactive Quizzes, and Sample ProjectsThere’s an overwhelming amount of information about Python on the internet…But for many...
  18. rishu2022

    [EBook] Raywenderlich - Git Apprentice By Chris Belanger & Sam Davies

    PASSWORD:Learn Git!Chances are if you’re involved with software development you’ve heard of and have used Git at some point in your life. Version control systems are critical for any successful collaborative software project. Git is both simple to start using and accommodating for the most...
  19. rishu2022

    [EBOOK] Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures

    As a software engineer, you’ll encounter countless programming challenges that initially seem confusing, difficult, or even impossible. Don’t despair! Many of these “new” problems already have well-established solutions. Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures teaches you powerful approaches to...
  20. robinhood

    [Ebook] Just Javascript

    UPDATED QUIZZES ARE ADDEDExplore the JavaScript Universe Rebuild your mental model from the inside out.On a good day, programming feels like magic. You patiently enchant the machine with a tapestry of digital spells. With a few confident keystrokes, you breathe life into the colorful dots on...