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  1. MaHOOO_079

    Udemy Next JS: The Complete Developer's Guide

    What you'll learnMake incredibly performant web apps using Next JS Understand the differences between running Next JS in development and production environments Utilize four different caching systems to speed up request response times Use the latest React tech with Server Components to build...
  2. V

    Expired CSS, JavaScript And PHP Complete Course For Beginners

    Thread Title:- CSS, JavaScript And PHP Complete Course For BeginnersCourse Title:- CSS, JavaScript And PHP Complete Course For BeginnersExpiry Time/Date:-16/10/2023Course Link (Attach With Coupon):-...
  3. zennn

    FrontendMasters - A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript

    Bored by the academic approach of most data structures and algorithms courses? This is for you! You'll learn to solve algorithms and analyze space and time complexity in both an interview setting and in your day-to-day development. Following along with the course, you'll practice algorithms with...
  4. premlalst

    Pluralsight Next.js 13 Fundamentals - Perfect for beginners

    File Size: 0.3GIn this course, you will learn about Next.js, a fast and popular framework to build React applications. Next.js provides a great developer experience with several in-built features, making React development hassle-free.What you'll learnAre you a React developer, and have to...
  5. phpdai

    Laracasts — Neovim as a PHP and JavaScript IDE

    Neovim is a modern fork of Vim, an incredibly popular modal text editor. Modal editing unlocks more efficient ways of moving around and editing text and is especially suited to code.Neovim is a general-purpose text editor out of the box, but in this course we'll learn how to harness the best...
  6. standing egg

    [Ebook] Become a ninja with Vue 3 Pro Pack

    The Pro Pack Switch to second gear by building a real project, step by step! Our ebook lets you learn all the features of the framework. But for Vue.js, we decided to go further to share our expertise, by selling a Pro Pack. The Pro Pack makes you create an application skeleton, craft your first...
  7. K

    [Ebook] Maximilian - React Key Concepts: Consolidate your knowledge of React’s core features

    Key FeaturesA clear, concise explanation of core React 18 functionalities to promote quick, easy reference Gain a deep understanding of key React concepts with the help of step-by-step derivations Work with practical exercises that challenge you to apply your new skills and build your own...
  8. B

    Lynda React: Building Styles with CSS Modules

    React styles and CSS styles haven't always agreed in the use of inline styling. As React development has grown, developers have figured out more and more ways of smoothly integrating and maintaining a style with their code. But with so many options, it may be confusing on where to get started...
  9. B

    Lynda React: Server-Side Rendering

    Server-side rendering lets you optimize your applications to use client or server resources depending on network and device circumstances. Old device on a slow network? Render on the server. New device, fast network? You should probably let the client do the work. Some call the resulting...
  10. MaHOOO_079

    Fireship.io - Modern JavaScript Full Course

    The JavaScript Course teaches you how to build modern applications with vanilla JavaScript - no React, no TypeScript, no Frameworks - just plain old JavaScript.🦄 What will I learn? This course is focusd on the basics of JavaScript - the world’s most commonly used programming language. Here’s...
  11. standing egg

    [EBook] GoMakeThings - Vanilla JS Pocket Guides

    Go from beginner to JavaScript expert Everything you need to master JavaScript.Learn modern best practices and code patterns. Spend less time Googling and more time working on cool stuff. Get the skills and confidence to really understand JavaScript. Follow a learning path or jump around based...
  12. arafat-alim

    [Acadmind Pro] - Accelerated ES6 Training

    Learn modern JavaScript! Knowing modern JavaScript, ES6 (ECMAScript 6), is extremely important in the world of JavaScript! ES6 adds tons of new features, methods, objects and helpers and the earlier you feel confident using them, the better!Get the "All-In-One" package today! This course...
  13. B

    Lynda JavaScript: Patterns

    For the past two decades, programmers have structured both their code and their conversations about code around the patterns first described in Design Patterns, the classic Gang of Four book. JavaScript programmers have participated in these conversations, but the patterns discussed mostly fit...
  14. P

    [EBook] 50 Shades of JavaScript

    What's in the bookBasicsStrict equality Comma operator Spread operator Destructing Optional chaining By reference or by value Reducing Async/await (preview) Iterable protocol Generators Browser APIs Printing JSON Object.assign Capture groups Tagged template literal (preview) Media query list...
  15. dead_guy

    Educative - Ace the JavaScript Coding Interview

    JavaScript continues to rise in popularity, but it also continues to evolve and support new functionality very rapidly. That means there are a lot of jobs out there for JavaScript developers, but there’s also a lot of work to do to remain sharp and stand out from the crowd. This path will take...
  16. CodeVj

    Javascript Marathon Js

    Hi, on youtube *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** started Javascript Marathon in depth knowledge about javascript. I am not student of that community but i am also attend 2 live sessions its nice. He is spreading good knowledge...
  17. C

    What is the best course/book to learn Javascript?

    I want to learn from best materials that's why I'm asking you
  18. Wanderer

    [Ebook] Eric Elliott - Composing Software

    All software design is composition: the act of breaking complex problems down into smaller problems and composing those solutions. Most developers have a limited understanding of compositional techniques. It's time for that to change.In "Composing Software", Eric Elliott shares the...
  19. mafizholk

    [Ebook] Greg Sidelnikov - JavaScript Grammar

    This classic edition of JavaScript Grammar is an essential guide to JavaScript language features for Front-End developers.
  20. theatomize

    Zell Liew - Learn Javascript from Scratch

    Build anything you want with JavaScript Have you tried learning JavaScript for a while now, but feel that you’re not making progress? You went through many resources, but you still cannot understand JavaScript. You’ve read through all the free resources you can find. You tried:Googling for...