Adam Wathan - Test Driven Laravel

Adam Wathan - Test Driven Laravel

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What you'll learn
The biggest objective of this course is to teach you how to TDD something real; not just another cookie-cutter to-do app.
We cover fundamentals like:
  • What test should you write first
  • Organizing your test suite
  • Feature tests vs. unit tests
  • Testing validation rules
  • Testing events and background jobs
  • Working with test databases
  • Speeding up your tests with test doubles well as hard topics, like:
  • Testing code that interacts with third-party services
  • Writing your own test doubles from scratch
  • Testing automated payouts with Stripe Connect
  • Testing the sending of mass emails
  • How to test race conditions
  • Testing file uploads and server side image processing
Test-Driven Laravel teaches you how to design a solid test suite for a real-world, marketable product that you could actually charge money for.
The Course Outline
Together we'll build TicketBeast, a platform for local concert promoters to sell tickets to their events.
Over the course of 166 lessons spanning just under 22 hours of content, we'll implement features like:
  • Purchasing tickets via Stripe Checkout
  • Creating and publishing new concert listings
  • Sending bulk emails to ticket holders
  • Generating unique order confirmation numbers and ticket codes
  • Uploading poster images and optimizing them on the server
  • Inviting new users via the console
  • Allowing promoters to connect their Stripe accounts via OAuth 2.0
  • Splitting payments with Stripe Connect
It’s huge, but it’s the most comprehensive TDD resource I’ve ever seen.
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