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[BOOK] Master TypeScript In 50 Short Lessons

[BOOK] Master TypeScript In 50 Short Lessons

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Every other day, one of your team members makes a case for switching from “chaotic” JavaScript to “sane” TypeScript. Maybe you rely on not-very-well-understood JavaScript libraries, or you have a large number of contributors, or the code base is difficult to maintain. The reasons are always similar, but so is the hesitance from the team. Why change the stack that seems to be working just fine?

That's the question we've asked ourselves as well. So we've teamed up with Stefan Baumgartner, a seasoned JavaScript developer drawn to TypeScript for years, to break it all down into understandable pieces. The result is 50 short lessons on TypeScript — our shiny new book, with everything TypeScript explained, from start to finish.
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