Building web APIs with Rust (beginners)

Udemy Building web APIs with Rust (beginners)

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Rust is a systems programming language that you can use to write applications with high performance. It is amazingly refreshing with a very helpful compiler who is your mentor since the very beginning.
Cargo is not only a package manager but also a build tool, a documentation generator and a lot more, making your every day managing Rust apps really easy.
It is no wonder that for these reasons plus many more Rust was votes as StackOverflow’s most loved programming languages, five years in a row.
You are a web developer who wants to use Rust and is looking for a resource to guide you through the currently available tools and the surrounding ecosystem.
Well look no further! In this course we will experience how easy and straight forward creating a web application with Rust is. We will create routes, endpoints, set up authorization, handle databases and feed our clients with JSON.
In the end we will have a fully functioning CRUD REST API ready to server clients asynchronously and blazingly fast. Jump abroad!

What you'll learn
  • The Rust web development ecosystem
  • Building and deploying a Rocket web app
  • Implementing Basic Authentication for a Rocket app
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