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What is Redux? with Simple Analogy and Coding Practice

Udemy What is Redux? with Simple Analogy and Coding Practice

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What you'll learn
What Is Redux? with Analogy & Mapping the analogy with Code with Redux

Little bit understanding about React
Basically, this course is intended to give you idea about Redux which cause headache to a newbie. In this course we will discuss about Redux Cycle by Developing our Analogy which is related to insurance company. Redux Cycle terminologies are given below:

1. Action Creators

2. Actions

3. Dispatch Function

4. Reducers

5. State

Above Cycle is mapping to following Analogy terms

1. Person Dropping off Form maps to Person Dropping Off the Form

2. Form | Forms

3. Form Receiver | Dispatch Function

4. Departments | Reducers

5. Central Repository | State


For Coding we have used Code Pen in which we have included Redux and created Action Creators which are return plan java script objects which represents Forms in our Analogy, then we have created Reducers which represents Departments and they are taking State (Data) from our central repository, then we have combined all reducers together and then through dispatch function we are dispatching our action creators in order to check our analogy by applying different tests.


I will be updating this course by adding React-Redux projects in it. So that, it will become whole package for you guys.

At the end of this course you will get a better idea and you will feel very comfortable while working with Redux in your Projects.

Idea Taken From:

This course designed with TechCodingCamp YouTube Channel, which is is an e-learning platform. Basically this channel has two main categories number one is Technical videos for coders, where we discuss about new trends in Programming, basically we help beginners to choose a write path in Computer field and other category is Coding where we develop different web and mobile related projects and different programming language courses.

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