Flutter for Absolute Beginners: What I Wish I Knew

Skillshare Flutter for Absolute Beginners: What I Wish I Knew

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About This Class

Why Did I Create This Course?
I decided to start learning Flutter long time ago. I had programming experience, but I didn't know anything about Flutter. Based on my programming knowledge, I jumped into it.
Then, I realized it's different than programming languages I knew. Not in terms of coding, but in terms of project procedures, order of files and folders, and structure of a project.
It took me some time to learn the concept of Flutter. Looking back at my experience, I decided to make it easy for others when they want to learn Flutter from scratch.

What Does This Course Cover?
This course starts by presenting what Flutter is and why we should use Flutter.
Then, it talks about IDEs and how to choose one for app development. It shows you how to install Flutter and set up your IDE to work with Flutter.
It then dives into the structure of a Flutter application. This is a lesson you don't want to miss. It shows you different folders and files inside a project and their role in building an app.
It also shows you where to add fonts and images that you need to use in the app. Similarly, you will learn how to add various plugins to your app to add extra functionality.
This course doesn't teach you coding, but at the end of the course, we provide some useful resources to start learning to code in Flutter.

Everything Is A Widget
You may have heard it that everything in Flutter is a widget, even the app itself.
We talk about widgets and how they work. Also we discuss basic widgets. You will see some examples of widgets.
Designing an app is also discussed in terms of layout of the app. When a developers wants to design an app, they need to think of the design in terms of widget arrangement like rows and columns. We show a practice on how to design a test app.

Who Is This Course for?
  • Someone who wants to start learning Flutter.
  • Someone with no programming background.
  • You may learn something new even if you have programming background.
  • This course doesn't teach you coding, but teaches you how Flutter works.
What Do You Get from This Course?
  • How Flutter works.
  • You will be ready to start coding, or learn coding.
  • You will learn how to arrange widgets for your app design.
  • You will learn learning resources to start coding Flutter.
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