Code Challenges: JavaScript

Lynda Code Challenges: JavaScript

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Skill level: Intermediate | Duration: 49m 35s | Released: 12/22/2020

Join instructor Emma Bostian as she serves up over a dozen JavaScript tasks and walks through the solutions for each. Emma frames each challenge using real-world examples, like setting up a ticking clock in a document, filtering vegetarian dinner options from a menu, and calculating the bill from a trip to a coffee shop.
Each challenge is self-contained, so you can watch them in any order, and most solutions are less than two dozen lines of code, so you can quickly learn what you need and move on to the next lesson.
Whether you want to learn new ways to use JavaScript or test your existing knowledge, this course can help you sharpen your skills.

The Challenges:

1 - Put your JavaScript skills to the test
2 - Available books
3 - Movie object
4 - Vegetarian dinner
5 - Technical books
6 - Private object
7 - Ticking time
8 - Classroom attendance
9 - Dynamic colors
10 - Coffee calculations
11 - Food truck
12 - Train generator
13 - String permutation
14 - Five friends
15 - URLify
16 - Password strength

Have fun!
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