Competitive Programming Algorithms, Patterns, Techniques

Udemy Competitive Programming Algorithms, Patterns, Techniques

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What you'll learn
  • Time to get a taste of how Competitive Programmers think about questions
  • See how data structures and algorithms work on various types of problems
  • Master the theory by solving up-to-date Competitive Programming and Technical Interviews challenges
  • Strengthen your problem solving and coding skills
This course is going to be your bible on solving each competitive programming challenge and also easily mock the coding interviews. The content is based on my 6 year experience of struggling to find and solve a wide range of problems and develop the system for mastering this skill, combined with my 4 year experience of teaching it to my students and almost 1 year of teaching it online in my YouTube lectures about past Codeforces rounds and Leetcode questions, which are and will be unavailable for free.
I cover the exact same content that has helped my students' performance skyrocket (some of them have Codeforces ratings much greater than mine) and got them offers at top companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon and solid results in Codeforces, AtCoder, Topcoder and Onsite International Competitive Programming Contests.
We go through a wide range of topics, from basics such as Mathematics Fundamentals and Number theory (Prime Numbers, Sieve of Eratosthenes, Fast Modular Exponentiation), Strings and Arrays all the way to complex topics such as Dynamic Programming, Tree Dynamic Programming, Greedy, Hashes, Stacks and Queues. Then we dive into interesting challenges and gold tricks on Interactive Problems followed by Segment Trees, Constructive Algorithms, Sliding WIndow and Computational Geometry.
If you know me for a while you know my way of teaching is quite revolutionary. I take my time to take you through my thinking process and discuss each step, each little detail of any approach exactly how I thought about it and place great emphasis on making you solve by your own the next similar ones. I reveal bulletproof formulas that guide you in solving every single problem of that specific type.

Here's what make this course amazing:
  • I guide you through the line of my thought when solving each problem, focusing on building the general approach for any type of problem you can encounter in competitive programming contests or software developing interviews.
  • You will learn all the theory needed, but our main focus here is on practical applications.
  • I share with you problem solving tricks and good coding practises that took me years and hundreds of problems to figure out.
  • It's interactive and engaging: I try to keep the theory as simple and natural as possible and we work as a team in solving any problem.
Do you think it's finally the time to get the Software Developer Job or the results in Competitive Programming you deserve? Follow me!
Who this course is for:
  • Students wishing to perform well in Competitive Programming Contests
  • Beginner Computer Science Students wishing to get their dream job
  • Codeforces, TopCoder, AtCoder Enthusiasts
  • Self-taught, ambitious persons who need the right guidance
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