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React for Designers

React is the most popular JavaScript framework. It's component-based, similar to how you use the Components in Figma to use elements effectively. This, in turn, allows for improved collaboration between teammates. With this course, you will learn how to create and animate your website from scratch. Create custom components for your design system.

In this course, you will learn React as a designer, starting with styling a layout with CSS Grid, animating the UI, and building a complete React site that can be deployed to Netlify in seconds. You will also be working with dynamic data and invoicing customers using Stripe. The techniques outlined here can help you create a beautiful page selling your product, or create a personal portfolio with a dynamic blog. Most importantly, you will gain valuable insight into how developers work and how you can create, making your work even more important to your team.

This is a course for visual learners. It focuses on learning by creating a real product, which is my personal approach to learning new things quickly and effectively. I highly recommend using your own logos, images, colors and content to make your site completely unique. Anytime you progress, I suggest clicking on the resources provided to learn more about the frameworks we use.

What you'll Learn...
  1. React for Designers
  2. Basic Styling with CSS
  3. Adaptive Layouts with CSS Grid
  4. Interactions and Animations
  5. SVG Animation
  6. Components and Props
  7. States and Events
  8. Styled Components
  9. Static Data with JSON
  10. GraphQL with Contentful
  11. Publish to Netlify
  12. Payments with Stripe
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There are no files to download. And the github page just takes you to a place where you have to pay for the course.