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Vue.js for designers

Create a dashboard web app with a complete login system and dark mode. Build your site with Sass, animations, data visualization, and more. A 6-hour crash course for designers and coders.

Why this course?

Vue and React are very similar. They are currently the two most popular JavaScript frameworks and are component based. However, Vue is more geared towards designers. It's easier to get started, and they officially support things like animations, transitions, and app state.

What you'll learn
  1. Intro to Vue.js
  2. Global Styling with Sass
  3. Single File Components
  4. Dark Mode Part 1
  5. Dark Mode Part 2
  6. Animations and transitions
  7. Accounts with Netlify
  8. Accounts with Slack
  9. Charts and Data Visualization
  10. Database with Firestore
  11. Lambda Functions with Netlify
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