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FrontendMasters - Full Stack for Front-End Engineers, v3

FrontendMasters - Full Stack for Front-End Engineers, v3

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If you've ever wondered what it means to stand up a server or what all those obscure terms like "load balancer" or "reverse proxy" mean, this is the course for you. From understanding different types of databases to securing your web server, Jem Young will teach you the skills needed to work across the stack. Taught from the perspective of a fellow Frontend Engineer, this course gives the tools and knowledge to build a working web application from start to finish.
By participating along with us in the workshop, you'll learn:

  • Become comfortable with the command line interface
  • Understand the essential parts of server operations
  • Learn how avoid common pitfalls when securing your server
  • Learn how to choose the correct database
  • Learn the how and why of Docker containers
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