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Julia Programming For Data Science & Machine Learning

Udemy Julia Programming For Data Science & Machine Learning

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Do you like Python, you enjoy writing python code. It's very easy to code in python. But python is slow. So production require very high performance computing.
So we need a language which is easy to work like python and as fast as low level programming language like C.
Julia is the programming language which looks like Python and execute like C.
If you want to learn next generation fast scientific computing language and easy to work with Julia is the right solution for you and you have come at a right place to learn the Julia.
This course mainly focus on data science aspect of Julia. Although I am going to start with Julia introduction installation and major basic concepts related to Julia.
Following topics we are going to cover in this course.
  • Introduction to Julia and installation
  • Julia basics number variable send string
  • Julia collections, dictionary, sets and tuples.
  • Julia package management system and creating function in Julia
  • Vector and matrix related operation in Julia
  • Linear algebra with Julia
  • Data frame package
  • And plotting with plots package in Julia
  • Linear and Multiple Regression with GLM package
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to learn next generation language : Julia
  • Anyone who want to learn fast language like c and easy language like python
  • Any developer who want learn Data Science with julia
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