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Ryan Serhant - Mastering CODO - The Closing & Negotiations Course

WSO Ryan Serhant - Mastering CODO - The Closing & Negotiations Course

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What You Get When You Enroll​

Unlock the power to close more real estate deals faster and easier than ever before with Mastering CODO: The Closing & Negotiation Course. This comprehensive course equips you with over 20 master negotiation strategies to confidently navigate any negotiation and drive your real estate sales to new heights.

Close Deals on Day One​

Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method to close deals on day one.

Win Any Negotiation​

Master negotiation types, styles, and tactics to come out on top.

Make Your Clients Happy​

Walk away from every transaction knowing you got a great deal that left everybody satisfied.

Influence Negotiation Outcomes​

Influence the power dynamic in your negotiations using body language, word choice, and positioning proven to win.

Do Business Faster and Easier​

When you do deals fast, you have more time to sell more properties and earn more money.

Master 20+ Expert Negotiation Skills​

Learn the art of closing the deal through real-life examples from Ryan Serhant and his team of expert negotiators.
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