[Abdul Bari] Learn Python Programming - Beginner to Master

Udemy [Abdul Bari] Learn Python Programming - Beginner to Master

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Become a Python Expert. for Both Academics and Industry. 100+ Challenges


Learn Python Programming - course is curated for Beginner to Master.
Every topic is covered in depth with practical examples.
100+ Challenges to make you expert in Problem Solving using Python
By the end of the course you will understand Python extremely well and will be able to build your own Python applications.
Resources are available for every lectures.
Answer Quiz at the end of major topics, to feel confident.
Do Projects using Tkinter, GUI Programming.
Use Laptop or PC to learn and practice Python.
IDLE is used for demonstrating the concepts and PyCharm is used for Developing Programs. You can use any IDE, of your choice.

Course Content:
  • Fundamental Concepts and Features of Python
  • Learn to use PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook and IDLE.
  • Explore Numeric DataTypes
  • Conditional and Loop Statements
  • Explore Advance Datatypes - List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary
  • Write Error-free Programs by Handling Exception
  • Multithreaded Programs
  • More and more about Functions
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • File Handling and CSV Files
  • Database Programming using Sqlite
  • Modules
    • Data Structures
    • Date and Time
    • OS
    • Math
    • NumPy
  • GUI Programming using Tkinter
  • Do Projects in GUI Programming

You can always ask Questions in Q&A section. you can find Q&A section under each video lecture.
Every Lecture contains notes in Resources.

Who this course is for:​

  • A Complete Beginner
  • Intermediate Python Programmer
  • Programmers who want to switch to Python
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