[developedbyed] The Creative React and Redux Course

[developedbyed] The Creative React and Redux Course

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Build 3 Awesome Web Applications With React!
Learn React From Absolute Scratch

Learn 3 Creative Projects To Add To Your Portofolio!
Learn To Create Amazing Web Applications With React Today!
This course will teach you everything you need to know about React.
Get started now with 0 experience in React, we will take it step by step from the beginning, understanding basics concepts to creating complex web apps with Redux.
We will learn
  • React
  • React Router
  • Styled Components
  • Framer Motion
  • Intersection Observer
  • Complex React Topics
  • Redux
  • Thunk
  • and more!
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    All Sections have been updated.

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Link is working fine BUT folders are empty inside. Please fix this.
Is it possible to update the code? The IGNITE APP code in his git is outdated since the API changed, it doesn't work now.
awesome, thank you
Nice and awesome course
Been looking for this thanks Prof!
Excellent. Thank you!
Thankyou very much this will help me alot you guys are the best! :)
Thank you very much uploader, when this course came out , somehow i knew that we would've find it right here in TUTFLIX Cheers.
ty for uploading this course ..