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[E-BOOK] Newline.co Books Collection

[E-BOOK] Newline.co Books Collection

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This is part of my book collection,
This is probably gonna my first and last book bundle i upload,
next time i'm gonna upload it separately for each book (and other resources).

I will not update the books, because Prof already do that, just search for it here or if you can become a premium member, so unless prof tell me to update this resource then i will not, please understand, thank you.

this books includes
  • Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization (Advanced_Package) (Revision 15)
  • Fullstack Rust The Complete Guide (revision 5)
  • How to become a web developer. a field guide (ADVANCED PACKED) (revision 2)
  • JavaScript Algorithms (Revision 3)
  • ng-book2 (Revision 76)
  • Node.js- The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node (Revision 6)
  • React book (Revision 40)
  • React native book (Revision 9)
  • React With TypeScript (Revision 4)
  • Security from Zero (Revision 7)
  • Vue book (Revision 12)
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