[E-BOOK] Newline.co Books Collection

[E-BOOK] Newline.co Books Collection

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This is part of my book collection.

I will not update the books if i don't want to, contribute, and support me if you want, thank you.

the books includes :
  • Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization (Advanced_Package) (Revision 15)
  • Fullstack Rust The Complete Guide (revision 5)
  • How to become a web developer. a field guide (ADVANCED PACKED) (revision 2)
  • JavaScript Algorithms (Revision 3)
  • ng-book2 (Revision 76)
  • Node.js- The Complete Guide to Building Production Apps with Node (Revision 6)
  • React book (Revision 42)
  • React native book (Revision 9)
  • React With TypeScript (Revision 12)
  • Security from Zero (Revision 7)
  • Vue book (Revision 12)
  • Vue 3 book (Revision 13)
  • Zero to Deep Learning (v1.1)
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  1. Update Fullstack React with TypeScript to revision 12

    Yeah that the update, don't ask me for other things download link still the same cheers
  2. Add Zero to Deep Learning

    I don't know how i missed this one
  3. Update react, react with typescript & add vue 3 ebook

    I know i said i won't update the book, but someone request it when i'm in a good mood, and it's...

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Thanks for the share, much appreciated!
Thanks for this resource. Could you update rust book? It has newer revision
You are superbly helpful! The books are great quality and the different formats is top notch!
The latest version of React and React Native was very informative. Thanks for the upload.
Awesome resources ... thanks
Awesome res