[Ebook] English4it - Teacher’s Guide for English For Tech

[Ebook] English4it - Teacher’s Guide for English For Tech

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Make more money teaching English to people in tech

Gain relevant knowledge about the tech industry to be on the same page with your students

We have created this Teacher’s Guide as an addition to the English For Tech textbook for all English teachers who:
Want to improve their command of English and grow as professionals (the best teachers are also life-long students)
Strive to expand their expertise and increase their income potential (the number of tech professionals in need of qualified English teachers is over 1 million in Latin America alone)
Want to successfully pass a job interview to teach English at a tech company
Want to work remotely while staying connected with other teaching professionals (our Telegram community is here to provide support, mentorship, inspiration and help you stay at the forefront of industry trends)
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