Educative - Ace the JavaScript Coding Interview [Skill Path]

Educative - Ace the JavaScript Coding Interview [Skill Path]

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JavaScript is a lightweight, high-level programming language that is event-driven and functional and can be either interpreted or just-in-time compiled. It is one of the core technologies of web development and allows us to use multiple frameworks. JavaScript continues to rise in popularity, but it also continues to evolve and support new functionality very rapidly. This Skill Path will take you through all that you need to know to crack your JavaScript interviews with confidence. You’ll cover everything from data structures to object-oriented design. You will also get to know the essential patterns behind popular coding interview questions. By the time you are done, your skills will be polished to ace the interview of any company.

Learning Objectives​

Brush up on data structures, algorithms, and important syntax.
Learn the interview question patterns that will help you answer any coding question.
Practice answering hundreds of real interview questions.
Learn object-oriented design concepts and patterns to analyze real-world design problems.
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Thank you very much for this. The second parts of these new educative courses are not taken as .zip files can't open them, only the first part is being downloaded as .zip
Satoru Gojo
Satoru Gojo
download both with any download manager then put them in a folder then extract part ,1 its easy to extract zip like this
Really good thanks!