Educative - Grokking the API Design Interview

Educative - Grokking the API Design Interview

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Course Overview

Designing an API is an involved activity where the goal is to make sense of complex requirements. A designer is expected to understand requirements and steer the design in a cohesive way. Design activity often covers a lot of breadth and targets specific depth topics.

You’ll design APIs of well-known systems, such as YouTube, Stripe, Zoom, and more. You’ll also learn how they fit in the bigger product. You start with a discussion of recurring concepts so that we could use them freely as building blocks. Then, meeting functional requirements by tracing the lifespan of each API call from the client to the service. Next, you’ll learn to use a reference back-end implementation to show how an API call does its work. Reducing client-visible latency will be one of the main goals you will learn while making a competitive API and product.

This course will get you ready for an API design interview. It observes the systems from a clients’ perspective and reveals how client calls interact with the back-end system
Takeaway Skills

An understanding of the foundational knowledge of API design
Familiarity with the principles of advanced-level API designing
An understanding of the importance of good APIs
An understanding of what makes a good API design
Ability to tackle any new API design endeavor
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