Jeff Nippard: Powerbuilding

Jeff Nippard: Powerbuilding

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Jeff Nippard’s 10 Week Powerbuilding System is designed for intermediate to advanced level lifters looking to take BOTH their muscle and strength gains to the next level.

Most bodybuilding programs focus too much on chasing a pump. The typical end result behind such an approach is a physique that may look muscular, but isn’t actually able to put that muscle to use! This Powerbuilding System blends the very best of bodybuilding and powerlifting training styles to create one of the most effective and motivating ways to train.

Because this program includes more low rep, heavy strength work than a typical bodybuilding program, you will simply get much stronger in general. Once you apply that new found strength to the typical “bodybuilding movements” in moderate to high rep ranges, the potential for overload will be so much greater and plateaus can be completely busted.

Powerbuilding isn’t only valuable for bodybuilders, though. It also has merit for powerlifters. Remember, all else equal, a bigger muscle IS a stronger muscle. So, if your strength progress has slowed down, a powerbuilding approach will provide the muscle growth you need to make sure your numbers keep moving up.

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- Get Ready Manual
- 10 Weeks Program
- Speadsheet for logging the progess
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