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WSO Katie Proctor - The Designers Toolkit

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A collection of our most popular templates for brand designers, all in one place.​

Including our Project proposal, Notion client portal, Brand strategy guide, Visual direction, Brand presentation, and Brand style guide.​

The Designer’s Toolkit is every single resource, template, and portal that we use to book, onboard, and support our clients.​

It’s like buying a high-touch backend business process.​

We’ve worked through all the details and done all of the trial and error so that YOU can reap the benefits.​

These templates are for you, the ambitious designer ready to elevate your design process so that you can better serve your dream clients, lead with value, and finally increase your prices!​

These templates are the compilation of many hard-earned lessons over the last three years of growing our branding agency, and we’re giving you full access to them

Focus only on design without worrying about endless revisions and client feedback​

Have a clear roadmap for a successful client project, from brand strategy to offboarding (and every little detail in between)​

Present concepts that feel clearly aligned with your client’s goals, and elicit an immediate “yes!” from them​

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