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Everything you need to get fit and strong with kettlebell workouts

What you'll learn
  • Kettlebell workouts for cardio
  • Kettlebell workouts for strength
  • Kettlebell workouts for weight loss
  • Kettlebell workouts for endurance

  • 1 kettlebell minimum or two if you want to perform all workouts

In this kettlebell course, I will provide you with all the information you need to complete many amazing and results-producing kettlebell workouts from home or in your gym and all you need is one or two kettlebells. Each workout comes with a full-length follow-along video so you can workout along with me. You will have access to step-by-step instructions, and if that is not enough then you can also contact me to ask questions.
You can go on to master each workout and make them part of your regular training or you can pick one that suits your needs and include that in your progressional training. The workouts are designed by myself or Anna Junghans and each one has different goals so that you'll have workouts to choose from that suit your needs. It might be one or two workouts for weight loss, cardio, or you might want to work on strength, endurance, flexibility, etc. Whatever it is, there is something for everyone. Most workouts will also have a full or part of a warm-up.

Downloadable PDFs
I'm including some handy downloadable PDFs for those workouts that require more explanation. You can download the PDF to your computer, phone, and/or print them to look at while you perform the workout.

Details and exercises
When it comes to advanced exercises like the Turkish Getup, I include step-by-step instructions and separate videos to cover this exercise. Other exercises you can expect in this course are the clean, press, squat, rows, jerk, swing, deadlift, ribbons, lunge, snatch, curtsy lunge, and much more.

I would like to stress again that there are workouts in this course that are suitable for everyone, meaning, there will be a workout suitable for a beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, all workouts won't be for everyone, that's the beauty of kettlebell training, there is so much that can be done, and I will present all that in a workout. I will try and make each workout achievable for everyone by including alternatives, but in the end, you'll pick out those that work for you and they'll become your favorite regular kettlebell workout. I have purposely chosen to make one of the most basic kettlebell workouts freely viewable (see lecture W3) so that you can judge whether this is for you or not. To put things in perspective, the 8-minute kettlebell workout on a scale of 1 to 100, 100 being super tough, is a 15 to 20 rating. There are other beginner workouts that reach 30 to 40 on that scale. The ones that reach 100 on that scale are with double kettlebell and super intense for maximum results.
There are double kettlebell workouts in this course and I'll try and provide some info on how to do that workout with one bell but I will never be able to satisfy everyone, this is why you can use the Q&A to ask your question on how to adjust it for you.

A little bit about me. I'm a qualified kettlebell coach and owner of Cavemantraining with over a decade of kettlebell experience and teaching people, in-person, group format, or online. I understand how to break down complex things and present them in such a way that they are easy to understand and work on.
A little bit about Anna. Anna is a qualified kettlebell trainer at Cavemantraining with over a decade of kettlebell experience, running group classes, and teaching people in private all over the world.

The workouts challenge all levels, from beginner to advanced as I include alternatives for those workouts that include more advanced exercises, hence, even advanced exercises can be completed by beginners.


For those that only have uneven kettlebells and want to complete some of the double kettlebell workouts, you can complete a double kettlebell workout with uneven weights as long as that increment is not too big. You switch sides upon rounds.
Who this course is for:
  • People that want to lose weight with the kettlebell
  • People that want to get strong with the kettlebell
  • Stay at-home people that want to work out with kettlebells
  • Crossfitters that want new ideas for their workouts
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