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Swedish Full-Body & Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Udemy Swedish Full-Body & Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

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Two Pro Certificates: Narrated, Real-Time Demonstrations on the Beautiful Shores of Morocco

What you'll learn
  • Perform a 55-minute Full-Body Swedish Massage at a professional freelance or spa standard.
  • Perform a 67-minute Simple yet Professional Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage.
  • Perform a Basic 20-minute Simple Swedish Massage on a Bed (For Beginners).
  • Understand the General Principles of Giving an Exemplary Massage.

  • No prior knowledge, skills or equipment required.
  • You will need a device and internet connection to stream videos.
  • Some techniques will require a massage table to be performed properly, however, you can still practice and perform most of the massage on a bed or floor.

These video lessons demonstrate Swedish full-body and Hawaiian lomilomi massage on the beautiful shores of Morocco.

Relax and enjoy the simple step-by-step learning process.

Learn the movements of Swedish massage with the rhythmic backdrop of the waves of the ocean, critically-acclaimed piano music, and the elegant voice of a professional voice-over actress.

Detailed explanations accompany this real-time 55-minute tutorial, demonstrating the treatment from start to finish, ensuring quick, easy and hassle-free understanding of these professional techniques.

Additionally, a 7-minute 'Basic Principles of Massage' will help introduce you to some important fundamental concepts of massage.

Designed for both beginners, couples, professionals, and those who want to become professional, by the end of this course, you will be able to give a 55-minute full-body Swedish and 67-minute Hawaiian lomlimoi massage at a professional standard.

Introduction to Swedish Massage
This massage style is known in Sweden and throughout most of the world as ‘classic massage’; only the Dutch and English speaking countries refer to it as ‘Swedish’. True to its classical name, it is generally the most well-known massage in the Western world. The treatment helps to promote the many general benefits of massage. For example, circulation is enhanced while muscular tension is reduced and knots are removed.
This full-body massage is soft and relaxing and employs a little deep tissue work. It is an ideal lesson through which to master the basics of massaging with oil. Once comfortable with these basics, the techniques of many other massages can be attempted with confidence.
Effleurage, petrissage, friction and percussive strokes are demonstrated.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

For many centuries, the healing knowledge of lomilomi has been kept secret by shamans known as ‘kahunas’. However, in recent years, these shamans have decided to break their silence and openly share their wisdom, and Hawaiian massage has rapidly become popular worldwide.
The motions of this Hawaiian lomilomi massage take inspiration from the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. Lomilomi is famous for graceful whole-body strokes that seek to reflect the waves of the ocean washing over the receiver. To receive one is extremely relaxing, pleasurable and therapeutic, and it can simultaneously be a mesmerizing and meditative experience to give one.

How to Massage on a Bed

We also provide a 20-minute simple massage performed on a bed. This is a perfect stepping stone for beginners to master some basic techniques before moving on to a professional style Swedish or Hawaiian massage.

2019 Update:

We are now including a short eBook with written instructions to help take your knowledge deeper and aid your revision and practice.

Potential to Gain Two Accredited CTAA Certificates

These Certificates are accredited by the CTAA and can be insured in the UK & EU, but please check relevant law for massage therapy in your country, as this varies from place to place.

10 Practice Treatments on at least 5 different people with completed treatment plans will be required.

Please note, certificates will not be issued during the 30-day trial period. Contact us if you have any questions before or after enrollment.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners, Couples, Students and Professionals.
  • Anyone who wants to upgrade their touch, enhancing the range of pleasures, reliefs and pastimes available within their relationships.
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