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The Interview Cake Course (Full Course)

The Interview Cake Course (Full Course)

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I found this on a forum, it have tutnetflix backlink on it so might as well upload it here.
The full size after compressed is about 1.5GB, and compressed size is about 2MB

Also please give rating to make it easy for other people to find this.
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An amazing course that every developer should take to take one step forward in their career
Great resource! Thanks for uploading this!
This is super helpful
This interview cake will really help alot of guys who are sitting for placement.
It is helping me in understanding all the codes and even why we should follow a approach
Great works supports all languages.Saved me $150,awesome.
Extremely helpful
Been looking for this. Helped me alot..thankyou!
It's amazing how he managed to compress this from almost 2 gigs, to a fraction of it